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Daily life images shot in East New Britain Province and the National Capitol District of Papua New Guinea during the unprecedented times of Covid-19 in 2020.

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Living in the times of Covid-19

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They told us that the virus is spread through the air when we speak or when we share things with each other. We were told that if it comes to PNG it will kill many people.


My name is Superman, I'm called that because I am always walking around, many people know me, I’m a talkative person, and a clown like person… so I guess that’s why I am called Superman.  I am a street seller, I sell buai, peanuts, smokes


Once the (Covid-19) crisis started, we set up this small street side market, but usually I take my produce to the main market in Kokopo.  I sell bananas, kulau (young drinking coconut) and any other food that grows in our garden.


my job is to turn the water on and off for anyone attending the Gunanur market, both vendors and customers.  I have been doing this job as a volunteer for the past 4 weeks.  Some people travel a long way to come to this market now, because the main market in Kokopo town is closed.


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