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Music and laughter mix with the sound of waves crashing, a rhythm to life on a small atoll in the grip of the climate emergency.

More images and videos to come.

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Islands Petroleum company video 2023

Islands Petroleum is an independently owned fuel and lubes distributor in Papua New Guinea with many years of experience in the fuel industry.

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Guardians of the Pacific

Guardians of the Pacific is a series about community fishers who are helping to increase the adoption of sustainable fishing practices across the Pacific Islands region. The entertaining and educational series is being shared via local television stations, social media platforms, and outreach events to help raise awareness of sustainable fisheries practices.

Kalo worked as the content creator to produce 4 videos in the series that were filmed in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

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Monash University Brief

Monash University Faculty of Education are producing a series of story-based videos of our international alumni. The videos are designed to celebrate their achievements and how they are working to create change in their communities.

Maristella Baras is a Master of Counselling graduate of Monash University. Mari taught as a secondary school teacher for 10 years in Papua New Guinea before coming to Melbourne on an Australia Awards Scholarship.

We want to showcase Mari in her role as Assistant Manager for Australia Awards Scholarships and highlight the previous work she has done with the PNGAus Partnership Secondary Schools initiative. We want to celebrate and share her story with prospective students as well as our online community.

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Pacific Islands: The frontline of climate change

Climate change is fundamentally a development problem, not simply an environmental problem. The poor are currently suffering and will continue to suffer the most from climate change. They are least able to protect themselves from its effects and they are least able to recover from climatic disasters. They tend to live in the most vulnerable areas, such as low-lying land prone to flooding, or marginal agricultural land prone to drought. They are the most likely to have to leave their homes in search of water or to escape flooding. 

— Excerpt World Vision Australia Policy Position on Climate Change

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An impossible choice: leave your island or fight to stay?

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