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Yumi Stori PNG is a developing media production and storytelling space for locally made content in PNG. Founded by three women from East New Britain Province, Yumi Stori PNG is simply about sharing everyday stories that celebrate culture, kastom, diversity, language (tok ples) and more.

We hope to find and share tales from our elders and to promote emerging talent from across this wonderfully unique and diverse country. Yumi Stori PNG is an opportunity for us to connect with each other on a human level, our neighbours, not just in our villages or hometowns, but across our provinces and the entire country. Yumi Stori PNG also aims to create a collective creative space where other content producers and media makers from across the country can contribute local stories from where ever they are. Yumi Stori, ol stori bilong yumi.

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Yumi Stori: Pro Gallery
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